Electrical installations

  • Power electrical installations
  • Interior electrical, construction and installation
  • Power lines LEA and LES
  • Electrical connections

Public lighting

  • Street lighting
  • Pedestrian lighting
  • Ornamental lighting
  • Festive lighting


  • Single-phase or three-phase electrical connections
  • Transformers posts
  • Electric lighting and power networks
  • Power lines
  • Weak current installations
  • Automation installations

Weak current installations

  • Digital and analog telephone PBX
  • Burglary and fire detection installations
  • Computer networks, video tracking, fiber optic Internet
  • Closed circuit television systems
  • TV reception and distribution systems and fiber optic cable
  • Flashing pedestrian signals and traffic
  • Signaling installations temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.
  • Shareholders gates / garage doors

Shareholders and automation services

  • Shareholders motors and pumps
  • Shareholders gate automatic door
  • Electric barriers, bridge cranes, boilers
  • Production lines, urban watches batteries, capacitors, display panel and urban watches
  • Warnings of fire and burglary
  • Automation
  • Metallic confections

Power equipment tests and measurements

  • Testing TRAFO power, low and medium voltage cables, electric motors, switches / disconnectors medium and low voltage
  • Checks protection relay, earth, lightning
  • Checking and testing electrical panels

Equipment earthing and lightning protection

  • Lightning contour, with prevectron, with interception rod

Manufacturing and assembly distribution and low voltage switchboards

  • Low Voltage Distribution
  • Switchboards force
  • Transformer in metallic or concrete posts 25-1600 kVA
  • Overhead transformer and tire posts