SIRROCCO INVEST is a provider of high quality materials and equipment for electrical installations and automation. We offer a wide range of products such as: electrical equipment, transformers, lighting, cables, electrical heaters, accessories etc.

We not only offer you top products and promptness in delivery, but also consulting in order to find the best solutions to meet your needs. Our qualified staff is always ready to face challenges and to provide support in the issues you face. We also enjoy all the support needed from the technical departments of our partners.

We are honored by very good relations with our current employees (OMV Petrom, Confind, General Electric Meeli etc.) and we are in a constant search of new partners who share policy adopted by us: stability and partnership relations guarantee long-term success.

  • Our company's vision is to become and to remain a reliable partner for all its clients;
  • We understand, anticipate and we meet our customers' needs. We offer quality products and services as we are aware that the image, reputation and renown are a necessary investment to improve the chances of long-term sustainability of the business.


  • Service satisfaction - the quality of our services are bringing competitive customer satisfaction;
  • Motivation - We fulfill commitments to motivate customers to remain loyal to the organization;
  • Profitability - We offer superior products in terms of technology at a good price.